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On a break..

I am at a point where I can’t decide on what my next project will be. And believe me I have plenty I could start and plenty of yarn to start with. But I think that I got so determined to make the Skylla, my brain has shut down to the fiber arts right now *sigh*.

So right now I am drawing. I signed up for a class on Skill Share. It’s on how to design a rock poster (awesome)! I also just new camera and I am trying to get into my photography again in a serious way. Oh did I ever mention that I am a photographer? I have lots of other skills. I am constantly learning and teaching myself new things. It keeps the crazies away lol.

My plan is to get some drawing projects done over the next week or two. Then I want to finish knitting some baby items for two friends who are having babies. My best friend wants me to knit her a cover up for the beach and that needs to be done before the end of the month. Then I want to spin yarn… lots and lots of yarn. I have so much wool. I need to spin it up. It’s part of my spring cleaning :)

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